“HEALTH IS WEALTH,” and we are here to give you our expert medical services.

In this fast – paced life, we often neglect our health, until it reaches a point where the pain becomes unbearable.
Coccygodynia (Tail Bone Pain) is a physical condition, which is caused by various reasons like -

  • Sitting for a prolonged period (Especially software profession)
  • Accidental Injuries,
  • Falling backwards,
  • Post pregnancy,
  • Sports Injury etc.

As it is rightly said: “HEALTH IS WEALTH,” and we are here to give you our expert medical services.

Dr. Rajveer Singh (PT) is a well – known medical practitioner, who is specialized in the treatment for Coccygodynia (Tail Bone Pain). By rightly diagnosing the problem and giving proper treatments, he has given permanent cure for his patients in India and outside India as well (Video consultation)

Dr. S. Mubashira (PT) who has done her Master Degree in physiotherapy in orthopedic & Sports medicine from Rajiv Gandhi University, of Health & Science, Bangalore India, also provides her services especially to lady patients as they hesitate to share about this condition to male doctors, relieving them for their pain and give them complete peace of mind. We are Coccyx Specialists providing cure for Coccygodynia.

Dr. Rajveer Singh (PT) B.P.T, F.O.R (Apollo HOSP),MIAP(L-15697), MBA (HOSP.ADMIN.)
Dr. S. Mubashira (PT) (M.P.T., PGD (Sports Medicine-Apollo Hosp), MIAP (L-20111)
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