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Symptoms of Tailbone Pain | Tailbone Treatment

1. Several localised pain at the end of the bony structure of the spine. That is the tailbone area.
2. Trauma or injury in the tailbone area. A bruise may also be visible there.
3. The occurrence of pain during prolonged sitting on a hard or soft surface or with direct pressure in the tailbone area.
4. Acute pain while standing after a long time of sitting.
5. Pain while sitting or after sitting.
6. Experiencing pain when little pressure is applied on the edge of the coccyx.
7. Pain spreading towards down the leg.
8. Experiencing a pain just like sitting on a sharp knife.
9. Both men and women can feel during sexual intercourse.
10. Women can experience a pain each time during the monthly menstrual cycle.
11. Often feeling pain while sleeping straight.
12. Pain during bowel movements.

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