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Coccyx Pain Treatment Clinic in India | Tailbone Treatment.If any specialist wants to provide best and effective treatment then it is very essential for him to understand human anatomy and its complexities. For understanding the anatomical structure the process of microscopic anatomy is preferable as it provides in-depth understanding. The tailbone is located at the end of the bony structure of the spinal cord. This portion has limited movement between the bones as it is made up of only three or more bones. Misalignment, dislocation , fracture and extra growth in Coccyx are the main reasons for tailbone pain.

Reasons/Causes of tailbone pain:

● Prolong sitting on a hard or soft surface.
● Accident or trauma that damages the coccyx.
● A very common cause is falling from steps.
● Bikers, cyclists, and sportsmen like rugby, skating often faces this problem as their profession causes extra damage to the coccyx.
● During the time of pregnancy and post-pregnancy or vaginal birth, the tailbone pain may occur.

Basic prevention rule to avoid damage in Coccyx:

● Change position which affects the coccyx.
● Lean forward.
● Lean in any side.
● Finding comfortable clothes.
● Do not sit for a prolonged time.
● The seat on a comfortable surface. Always it is better to avoid very hard or very soft surfaces.
● Do not stand or sit for a long time in the same position.
● Find a comfortable position for sex so that it doesn’t damage the coccyx.
● Use a cushion to prevent further damage.

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