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Psychological aspect of Coccydynia

Psychological aspect of Coccydynia / Tailbone Pain

Dear Reader, in this article I would be explaining the psychological aspects of tailbone pain. I would be specific with the content and use simple words for every reader to understand it. This content is merely understood by the general population, including health professionals. Tailbone pain occurs in and around the pelvic floor area, leading to symptoms like pelvic floor tenderness, buttocks pain, anal burning, and vaginal area pain (with pudendal neuralgia). I have come across a few male patients, who did not want to get married, only because they feared that this might hinder their sexual life. The fact is that, tailbone pain do not affect the male population, but the chances of feeling low after an intercourse due to the contraction of pelvic floor area can be expected.

Unlike the male patients, female patients with tailbone pain are affected as they experience more contractions of muscles and pressure on the pelvic floor after a sexual activity. It could become a nightmare with huge psychological impact, if the condition has occurred after marriage and if the couples are planning for conception.

There are a few important things I would like to share with the readers –

  • Do not think that HE or SHE is trying avoid intercourse or ignore you by saying that they have pain around the genital area.
  • Do co-operate and communicate with each other as this problem can happen to anyone.
  • It is not a life threatening disease like cancer or AIDS, for you to be scared of.
  • After the right treatment you can live a complete normal life.
  • A few months is all that matters during the treatment course, where patients have to be careful with their daily life activities.
  • After the right treatment a normal conception and delivery can be achieved.

Do not be afraid, help is always there!

(No Patients identity or confidentiality has been compromised in this article)

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