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Tailbone Pain During Pregnancy

Tailbone Pain is the Most Common Aches that Pregnant Women Experience Through out Pregnancy

Lets understand the basic of Coccydynia and causes of Coccydynia during pregnancy. Tailbone pain is the most common aches that pregnant women experience through out Pregnancy.

What is Coccydynia/ Tailbone Pain?

Pain in or around the coccyx at the bottom of spine is termed as Coccydynia.

What are the Causes for Coccyx Pain During Pregnancy?

Causes for coccyx or tailbone pain during pregnancy

Pregnancy hormones plays a vital role. During pregnancy, our body makes hormone called as Relaxing together with Estrogen causes joints and ligaments on pelvic floor to relax & stretch, allowing the coccyx to shift more than usual.

As pregnancy progress, the growing baby’s start pressing over coccyx which increases the pressure on coccyx bone leading to discomfort and pain in coccyx.

How to Relieve Coccydynia?

Things to be done to relieve the pain are:

Meet a Specialist for Coccydynia in India for advice’s and measure’s to be taken to avoid further injury

a) Applying warm or cold packs over coccyx area twice a day.

b) Avoid long sitting and long travels.

c) Use Tailbone Treatment Cushion to sit (Click here to buy a certified Tailbone Treatment Cushion).

d) Frequently change positions.

e) Gentle stretches for the spine to increase mobility and relieve pressure off the tailbone under specialist guidance.

f) Postural correction through out pregnancy.

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