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Wellness Talks: Tailbone Pain Can Go Within a Few months!

Best Tailbone Treatment Specialist | Dr. Rajveer Singh

Anand : My Brother is 43 years old and hesitates to even meet the doctor once, being in a painful state of non-stop tailbone pain!He feels there is no treatment that can cure tailbone as general back pain treatment hasn’t worked for him so far. Isn’t tailbone a very painful affair where we prefer to relax peacefully without any additional stress added to life? Does it not help if we go consult a Best Tailbone Treatment Specialist who is expert in Tailbone related treatment itself?

Dr. Rajveer Singh | Best Tailbone Treatment Specialist

Answered by Best Tailbone Treatment Specialist, Dr. Rajveer Singh: Yes rightly said, tailbone pain can be very discomforting who wish for a comfortable life with no unwanted tensions. Good news with few necessary steps taken by your Brother tailbone pain can come down by itself within a few month time. However as word of caution let if it persists over 8-10 weeks there is a need to see a Tailbone specialist immediately for cure.

Coccyx | Tailbone Treatment

Tailbone originates at the very bottom of our spine. Though it may appear small in size it performs very critical roles like maintaining stability when we sit and more. Tailbone is medically referred as Coccyx and the pain in the tailbone is referred to as Coccydynia. This can be mild or intense. Its severity can be felt specially while sitting into a chair or while getting up from there or even when we lean back in the chair.

Causes for Tailbone Treatment

Nerve Pain, a trauma caused by a serious injury to your lower back or complications during child birth are the usual causes of Coccydynia. In rare cases diseases affecting around the tailbone area like even cancer or a infection can become the cause of tailbone pain. The symptoms may magnify when you start sitting in altered postures due to obesity or even when you had no other choice but to sit on a hard or inappropriate seating.

As discussed earlier Tailbone pain is expected to heal naturally if you pay closer attention to the kind of surface you usually consider as your seat, be conscious about your posture and try to maintain a straight upright posture as much as possible. And when you reconsider where you the surface where you sit do keep in mind a surface that’s too hard or a surface that too cushioned both can aggravate the condition. It is such a delicate situation that it will be ideal if you get in touch with a Tailbone expert and know in detail what is the best option for your father to reduce the pain at least if not through direct treatment.

Posture | Tailbone Treatment

Now let’s assume your brother is still experiencing Tailbone pain and several weeks have passed and he did try to correct his posture and was choosy with the surfaces to sit on. Then this time when you must consider treatment option from a Best Tailbone Treatment Specialist without wasting much time to keep the discomfort at bay.

When it comes to treatment the most commonly prescribed ones include exercises that focus on relaxation of the pelvic floor, physiotherapy or lifestyle treatments like avoiding continuous sitting, application of ice to reduce pain and avoiding food that lead to constipation. Such foods add unnecessary stress on the tailbone. Surgery is also an option but it is usually considered in extreme cases only.

So to summarize things your doctor will focus on anti-inflammatory medication along with exercise techniques and physiotherapy to offer you a long term relief. It is important to see a Tailbone specialist in order to have a clear understanding of your present state and the best relief options at your disposal.

Best Tailbone Treatment Specialist | Dr. Rajveer Singh

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